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Steenburger Fridays

Friday is definitely Steenburger Day – at Bistro Sixteen82, in any case! Chef Brad serves up a limited number of these beauties, each a true burger experience with a delicious, homemade fillet patty (made right here in our kitchen from top-quality fillet, minced to Chef Brad’s liking) topped with tender foie gras, lashings of truffle aioli and tomato “konfyt”, and served with a helping of Klein River Gruyere frites.

“Put the lid on and pick it up with your hands. Let the juices run between your fingers… that’s why we have tongues and napkins!” says Chef Brad of his burger. Pair it with a glass of Steenberg’s Nebbiolo, sit back and wait to hear the trumpets play – we needn’t say more than that!

If you’d like to experience the best burger in Cape Town, make sure to book your table for Friday on 021 713 2211… oh, and don’t forget to order your burger when you book! We only make 10 per week, so it’s first come, first satisfied.

[Images courtesy of FIVESTAR PR]

2 Responses to Steenburger Fridays

  1. This looks incredible! Can’t wait to (test) taste it!
    Is is possible to have on another day than Fridays if booked earlier, though?


    • Steenberg Hotel says:

      Hi Laurent – thanks for the comment! Unfortunately not – this is a very special Fridays-only dish, intended as the perfect start to the weekend.